Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jacqui Smith Lying Etc Etc

BBC NEWS | Politics | Home secretary on MP's arrest

Go to about 5:45 for the juicy bits.
"Did you sign a warrant?"
"Home secretaries don't confirm or deny which warrants they have or have not signed, but frankly we are getting totally into conspiracy theory territory here"
"So you didn't sign such a warrant"

What the fuck was that!? Smith refused to deny it, which is basically an admission, and Marr just says "So you didn't" and moved on! Why bother questioning her at all?

Notice how at that moment she starts getting a bit uncomfortable, and brings out the great "conspiracy theory" argument. Great way to discredit anyone who attacks you, when you know you're in trouble.

Also interesting to note are Craig Murray's thoughts on the matter.
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