Sunday, November 02, 2008

Say What You Like, Just No Repeats

BBC broadcast 'foul' comment about Queen amid Ross and Brand row - Telegraph
Mark Thompson, the corporation's director general, was asked whether it was acceptable that when asked to imagine things the Queen would never say in a Christmas broadcast, comedian Frankie Boyle had responded: "I have had a few medical issues this year: I'm so old, my ----- is haunted."

Boyle's remarks, which were broadcast on Wednesday night during a repeat of an 18-month-old episode, of the panel show Mock the Week, came amid the height of a row over offensive phone messages left on the phone of the actor Andrew Sachs by presenters Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.
Why is it that things are ok in the original broadcast, but controversies are only noticed during repeats, or when the papers notice? The exact same thing happened in both these cases, the original broadcast went entirely unnoticed. In what way can Boyle's comments have been ok last year, but now they're not? Ross and Brands show had been out for a week before anyone noticed.

It makes no sense.

Coincedentally Frankie Boyle is one of my favourite comedians ever, I remember when he said this on the Mock the Week and I remember laughing my ass off. Get a sense of humour.

A clip of the remark:

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