Saturday, December 13, 2008

Criminals Criminalised

BBC NEWS | Business | Top investors 'hit by $50bn con'
Some of the world's wealthiest private and corporate investors are reported to be victims of an alleged $50bn fraud by Wall Street broker Bernard Madoff.
To be honest, isn't all investment in this kind of thing done by bastards who hope to make money out of nothing, by exploiting the poor who work for minimum wage to prop up the profits of businesses. The fact that "Some of the world's wealthiest private and corporate investors" have lost a few of their millions isn't particularly troubling for me.

Incidentally, I'd never heard of a "Ponzi scheme" before, and the Wikipedia page which details the life of the first person to do this, Charles Ponzi, is absolutely fascinating. It's funny that people are still doing the same thing that he did in like 1920.

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