Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ed Stourton Sacked

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Webb to replace Stourton on Today
Justin Webb, the BBC's North America editor, is to join Radio 4's Today programme in October as Edward Stourton leaves to work on other projects.
Sad news, not only because a familiar Today voice is leaving but also because of the way the BBC handled it:
The statement said he was going to concentrate on other projects, but yesterday Stourton said simply: "There aren't any."
That's pretty savage, not only to be given the sack but to have your employer lie and pretend you left of your own accord for other none existant "projects". Also the fact that the story leaked to the media, and it was actually the Independent on Sunday that broke the news to him first! Unbelievable.

Here's his profile page if you need a face (or voice) to put to the name.

I don't particularly like Justin Webb, he seems way too slick and perfect, almost super-human. I'm sure this is why the BBC like him and have given him the job, but I prefer presenters to be a bit more falible, a bit more real, not emotionless robots.

My dad thinks I should start a campaign: SES!

Save Ed Stourton!

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