Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Virgin No Media

Virgin Media Broadband: Broadband Speed
At Virgin Media, we want all our customers to get the best service possible from their broadband. That means speedy downloads for all users - not just a few.
I'm getting incredibly sick of this stupid game. Every night is like a battle between me and Virgin to see if I can use our fucking internet. Download too much within the specified window (4-9pm) and your connection is reduced to a trickle, with even basic web pages taking 60 seconds to download. I just noticed that my limit has kicked in but I haven't even downloaded anything yet. It turns out I'd ignored the upload limit because I thought surely I couldn't upload 700megs in 5 hours. Well I don't think I have, DU Meter tells me I've uploaded 600megs, but that only monitors this PC not the other things in the house (More PCs, iPhone etc).

It's fucking ridiculous that Virgin media think they can do this and not even provide you with a proper application to monitor how close to the limit you are. I have to check DU Meter every five minutes, add up a few numbers in my head, and hope to god that no one else in the house has been using the internet.

It's also a joke that they pretended this year to upgrade everyone from 4megs to 10megs. Let me tell you something, I would give anything to have 4 megs back and be able to download at 400k/s all day. Now what happens when I download something is it goes at 1000k/s for about 5 minutes, then my quota has been used up and I'm reduced to about 25k/s FOR THE REST OF THE FUCKING DAY. It doesn't really count as "upgrading you to 10megs" when that speed is only usable for five fucking minutes.

What a joke. The windows of opportunity don't even make sense, according to the chart you can download as much as you like between 3-4pm. Thank fuck for that because I can download more in that hour than I can for the rest of the day. This entirely pisses on their claim that it's to help traffic management so that everyone gets a fair service. Does no one else except me use the internet between 3-4pm? I would have thought that was quite a busy time, but apparently they can be bothered to open up their entire network capacity for that one hour in the day.

Well fuck you Virgin No Media (see what I did there?).

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1 comment:

John B said...

"Does no one else except me use the internet between 3-4pm? I would have thought that was quite a busy time"

Virgin have next-to-no business custom, so probably not.