Saturday, February 28, 2009

Samsung J700

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I don't know how to fully express the hatred I feel for the people who "designed" this phone. I say designed but they didn't actually do that, they just took a shit in a box and labelled it a mobile phone. I've spent all day trying to work out how to get music on it and how to make it play, and I'm not alone. The menu interface is absolutely appalling, it looks like it was made by a three year old. Nothing is in a sensible place, things are scattered all over the place. So there is a "Memory settings" menu which contains options for where to put things (internal memory or card memory) for Bluetooth, Wap, Voice Recording etc, but nothing about if you transfer from a PC. Obviously that setting is in "Phone settings"! OBVIOUSLY! EVEN THOUGH ITS ABOUT MEMORY AND SHOULD BE IN THE FUCKING MEMORY SETTINGS. I think they did this just to take the piss, threw a dice and thought yeah we'll put the place where you set the time under "message settings", to take a photograph you have to click "Delete contact". It'll be a right fucking laugh

Fuck you Samsung, if I ever find out who was behind the interface for this phone I will fucking kill them. There should be competency tests before you're allowed to sell a product like that, like checking whether you have a brain installed in your fucking cranium!

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