Thursday, February 19, 2009


BBC NEWS | Wales | Girl, 14, burnt in tanning salon
Her mother Jill, from Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan, said unstaffed salons posed "an enormous risk"
I would counter that people who are so fucking stupid that they'll spend £4 to sit under a lightbulb for an hour pose an "enormous risk" to society. Should've let the bitch burn.

Oh it gets better:
Kirsty, who is on half-term, originally put £1 into a coin operated sunbed at Lextan, but felt she was not tanned enough, so paid another £3 for another 15 minutes.
"Omg rite I paid a pound and sat under the light for 5 minutes but I didn't even look tanned yeah! Dunt this ting work!?!?! I'd better ignore all the signs about having to be 16 and not staying under too young and put my fragile 14 year old body in it to fry".

Also the quote from her mother:
It just beggars belief that anyone can put money into a slot and do this amount of damage to themselves.
Well indeed it does, indeed it does.....

From the video interview with the girl she seems to suggest that she's entirely incapable of engaging her brain, and there should be safeguards on everything, perhaps she should wear a special hat that will protect her from shooting herself in the face? Any laws preventing her from doing such a thing would only be interfering with Natural Selection.

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