Wednesday, March 04, 2009


BBC NEWS | England | Lincolnshire | CCTV simulated-sex pair sentenced
Deputy District Judge Alan Fowler said the CCTV cameras, which had been pointed into the couple's back garden by the four neighbours, did invade their privacy but they were entitled to do this by law as they were detecting a crime.
Um I'm sorry? Regardless of the rest of this story, I'm sure it shouldn't be legal to point a CCTV camera into your neighbours private property because you have a hunch that they might be up to something. Is it really the way the law stands that you can do it as long as you catch a crime? That sounds like a bit of a gamble. So it's illegal until you catch someone. What about the time it was up before they committed a crime? At that point, it was the neighbours committing a crime.

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