Saturday, March 14, 2009

Freedom Of Speech As Long As You Love War

BBC NEWS | Politics | Call for ban on military protests
Conservative MP David Davies has called on abusive protests against serving military personnel to be outlawed.
WTF!? Is this the same David Davies that resigned over the whole 42 days episode? And now he says you're not allowed to be anti-war? Those protestors had every right to be there, whether you agree with them or not (thats the whole fucking point of freedom). I was incensed when this story came out, there was a woman on Radio 4 from Luton council or something saying how disgraceful it was, and that the protestors "could easily have done it further away, it was clearly designed to provoke". Yes, they should have had their protest a mile away so no one saw? That'd be good wouldn't it? And yes it was clearly designed to provoke, as that is the definition of a protest.
"What I'm suggesting is that British soldiers, who I think are our finest young men and women, the cream of society, should also be protected
Yeah that's all well and good, YOU might think that, but that doesn't mean every one else has to! Personally I say fuck em, they sign away their right to autonomous thought and human emotion when they decide to dedicate their life to killing whoever they're told to.

It's coming to the end when it's illegal to disagree with the actions of your government.

UPDATE: Not the same David Davies. Davies not Davis. Could we call them David 1 and 2 or something?

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