Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Advertising = Lies

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Iggy Pop advert deemed misleading
Swiftcover said that it had chosen the rock star for the campaign, not because of his profession, but for his reputation for a fast-living lifestyle.
Whilst it's incredibly naive to imagine that everything said in adverts is completely true, I'm glad the ASA have come out and shamed someone for it. If this is Swiftcovers defense then they have clearly missed the point; it's not particularly about musicians, it's the fact that Iggy Pop stands in front of a camera and says "I've got it Swiftcovered, I've got insurance on my do it, get swiftcovered". I notice how he doesn't explicitly say "I have an insurance policy with swiftcover" but "I've got it swiftcovered" which, cleverly, is enough to imply that he uses it, but perhaps they thought it would get them out of any legal issues? "He doesn't say he uses swiftcover! Just implies it enough for the ignorant proles to believe!" I guess that defense doesn't stand up in court.

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