Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Israel Is A Racist State

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Walkout at Iran leader's speech
Diplomats have walked out of a UN anti-racism conference during a speech by the Iranian president in which he described Israel as "totally racist".
What the fuck? Is anyone seriously suggesting with a straigh face that the state of Israel gives equal treatment to all races? The state was specifically designed and setup as a state for ONE RACE of people, and it inherently, institutionaly, does not treat people of other races as well as it treats people of the Jewish race. This is textbook racism. It is the ultimate irony that at a conference about racism, the one correct statement about racism was met with the rest of the delegates walking out, how fucking useful.

Also, has no one realised that this is exactly the reaction Iran hoped for? They are trying to play the victim, and it is a clever move because if in the future Iran do choose to use military force for whatever reason, they can say "look, we tried to come to debates, to operate through proper channels, and we were ignored" and they would be telling the truth. If the West fears Iran so much, as it seems to, would it not be useful to take opportunities like this to talk with it's leaders and find out why they hate us? To open some kind of dialogue?

And in a further sign of hilarious pettiness, Israel have withdrawn their ambassador to Switzerland 'in protest of Switzerland's approach towards a Holocaust denier". I'm sorry but if you are only ever going to meet with people who hold the exact same factual views as you on every single event in human history, then you might as well just kill yourself now? It cannot be illegal to deny an event happened. Look: WORLD WAR TWO IS A LIE! IT NEVER HAPPENED! Should I be in prison? Maybe this question should be used as some kind of retard test, and anyone who fails has to shut the fuck up. That means you Israel.

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