Saturday, April 18, 2009

Max The Devil Clifford

BBC NEWS | UK | Third G20 case referred to IPCC
Ms Fisher, who is being represented by PR agent Max Clifford
For fucks sake, really? Is it not enough publicity that you got assaulted by a policeman? That is plenty of a story in itself, you don't need MAX FUCKING CLIFFORD parading you around the news rooms and trying to distort the story into something bigger than it is (that is his job after all). Is it really that hard to not open yourself up to the kind of cynical accusations that inevitably arrise when you ally yourself with MAX FUCKING CLIFFORD!?

No need.

Wikipedia notes that one of Clifford's most proud achievements is keeping his gay clients' sexualities a secret. In other words he persuades people to hide their sexuality and takes money for it.

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