Saturday, June 13, 2009

BBC Bullshit

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft to give away anti-virus
Janice Chaffin, Symantec's president of consumer products, said customers wanted more than just basic protection.

"A full internet security suite is what consumers require today to stay fully protected," she said.

Security software for home PCs typically cost around £30-40 and often allow users to install protections on more than one computer.

Other companies, such as AVG and Alwil already produce and distribute free anti-virus products.
What on earth was the point in that? "Mr President of Symantec, do you think Microsofts plan for a free anti virus product is a good idea or do you think people should buy your product?" "Well I think what people really want is to buy my stuff".

Fascinating. Symantec are evil, they make Norton Antivirus which is the most offensive software ever produced, it would actually be better to let your PC get overrun with viruses than install Norton which crawls your system to a halt and is literally impossible to remove. It's more like a virus than the things it claims to remove.

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