Friday, June 19, 2009

Council Responsibility

Eco-warrior evicted from cave dwelling without fire exit - Telegraph
"The council considers this was a danger to life. They have a responsibility to the public," he said.
There's a growing confusion about how responsible Councils and the Government should be for our wellbeing. This is unfortunately brought about by all the losers who immediately look for someone to sue when they trip and scratch their knee. Unfortunately, Councils have now decided that every one is as pathetic as these people, and need looking after. This guy isn't an idiot, I'm sure he's aware of the risks, but the point is he has made a decision to live with that. Surely they could let him sign some form or something that says "If there is a fire and I die because I can't get out, it is all my fault and the council are not responsible, signed Hilaire Purbrick". Wouldn't that solve everything?

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