Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Digital radio increasing CO2 emissions?

There was an article in the Guardian yesterday claiming that because more people now listen to the radio through their TVs and Computers, it's damaging for the environment cos TVs/PCs take 200-250W of power whereas an old-skool radio only uses 20W. Now I always listen to the radio on my computer, but surely this saves energy, because I'm using my computer anyway, and it takes no extra power to listen to the radio as well as browse the internet, chat on msn or whatever. You see what I mean!? I agree with the TVs thing, it is a waste of energy to have a huge 42" TV switched on just to use the radio, and not the visual component of the equipment.

So really I guess the solution is to combine every single thing we do into one piece of hardware, that uses just 200W, and gives us tv/radio/computing/phones/makes coffee. (Said invention copyright Andy 2006)

By the way, notice how I illustrate with pictures now? See how I go pro!

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