Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This whole thing has been embarrasing. It may sound harsh but the people who lost money through this have NO right to complain. They took the choice to get caught up with a capitalist company - the risks being that they might go bust and lose all your money - and now they're paying the price. There are stories of people who've "let their friends and family down", but what the fuck were they doing trying to rip off their friends and family!? Cos that's what this is, but unfortunately millions of people fail to understand our economic structure, and think that by selling someone something you're doing them a favour. WELL YOU'RE NOT!

Also it turns out Farepark have no records of all their customers or how much money they'd taken from them....what a thoroughly clever way to run a business!

The second point of course is all the headlines saying "christmas is ruined". OHHH, so christmas is entirely about money and goods and consumer spending and bolstering our economy? Nothing to do with spending time with your family, having some time off work, and havin a drink in front of christmas tv? Christmas doesn't need to be expensive unless you're a CONSUMERIST WHORE.

Anyway that's my rant for today. Pigdogfucker sums up my sentiments perfectly:

All the kids whose Christmas has “been ruined” (in the context of the British working class, this means “oh no, your present is only a DVD player not a PS3”) by the Farepak collapse should have this explained to them in detail:

“Your parents lost the money they were supposed to spend on your present because they’re utter fucktards. If you pay attention at school and don’t do equally gibberingly stupid stuff when you’re grown-up, you’ll be able to afford all the presents you want. Now shut up whining or we’ll belt you, you greedy little bastard.”

More at Harry's Place.

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