Tuesday, December 19, 2006


No sex education + Condoms not allowed = Fifteen year old girl unexpectedly giving birth during school.

Thankfully the girl and her baby are fine. It's quite funny but a bit of a disgrace really, imagine how that girl felt when suddenly a baby started coming out of her. She didn't know she was pregnant, I wonder if she'd even been taught that penis->vagina can lead to pregnancy? It's quite appaling that organisations like this can be allowed to "educate" people without telling them the most basic and fundamental facts of life.

The schools spokesman said "It is not going to help to go moralising on the whole situation. That is not important". It's not important that we failed to educate this girl about contraception, and that she had to go through the - what must have been a slightly horrifying - experience of giving birth at school.

"Mr Grady said the head teacher had met the girl's mother and preparations had been made for her to return to school and continue with her education." Where she will learn more about invisible beings in the sky and less about real life.

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