Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Justice

This is just a little rant I posted on my forum so thought I might aswell copy and paste it here. This truly has been getting me down recently, I wish I knew what I could do? My mum tells me I should join a political party but there aren't really any I completely identify with. Our whole democracy is a sham so what's the point really?

Why do we live in a world with no justice where our leaders just get away with whatever they like, regardless of the actual Laws that all us common folk have to abide by.
A war of aggression in Iraq (against the geneva convention)
Lying to get us there (lying is against the law surely?)
Claiming to support democracy, but then when someone who blair doesnt like is elected (Hamas in palestine) he decides that was wrong and they need to vote again. Keep voting till you do as we say! thats real democracy
Cash for peerages
Building MORE nuclear weapons (breaks the nuclear non proliferation treaty 1968)

I could go on, and thats jst Blair, dont get me started on Bush. I just wanna know that other people care? Please?

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charcoalfeathers said...

Ya know there isn't really anything you can do, atleast not by yourself. Maybe your mum is right, but then i guess you wont join any party you don't completely identify with. So hmm.

Just, i dunno tbh, i just...well...er, there's nothing i can say so i dont really know why im bothering. Just try not to let this get to you too much yeah?