Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here's a scenario for you. Say there is a really poor Muslim state which can't afford to sustain itself due to intense oppression from their neighbouring (and vastly more powerful, US-backed, Jewish) state. As a result of this many countries including the UK and European countries decide to give them financial aid in order to keep their people alive. Now say they have an election and vote for a new party. That party happens to be a party which the UK government doesn't agree with. So we stop giving money, and government workers have had to go nearly a year without pay, the health and education systems are falling apart, 66% of people live below the poverty line. Would that be democratic? Is it democratic so stop keeping people alive because you disagree?

This is exactly what's happening in Palestine, the UK are no longer giving financial aid, and even worse Israel are withholding tax money which they OWE to Palestine. Like I said 66% of people in this country are living in poverty as a result of actions by the UK/US and Israel.

This is democracy? THIS IS DEMOCRACY!?

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shit man...thats deep!