Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Play Quake 3 For Free


That means free as in real free. ID Software opened the source code a couple of years ago and these guys have made their own content pack, the textures and maps, so you can download the game and do what you want with it. There's plenty of single player maps just like the original, aswell as online play, although there aren't many servers and the games can be a bit wierd so I'd recommend getting a friend or two to play with.

While I'm talking about this, there's another great open source version of Doom avaliable at Doomhq. You need the original .wad files, but those can be found using your torrent search engine of choice. The main thing this does is allow you to play at super high resolutions. Just imagine it, when the game was made the best they could imagine was 320x420, now we can run it and 1280x1024 and further. It still looks like it was made in 1993 but they've added some nice touches like pretty explosions when you blow up barrels etc. This game would also be fun to play with a friend, but I spent about half an hour trying to get it to work on the LAN with my mates last night to no avail... Any help would be appreciated.

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leileilol said...

Talking about Free Software, then in the next paragraph making references to warez Doom?

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Perhaps you do not know about FreeDoom (which I also contribute to)

anarki said...

I wasn't aware that illegal copies of Doomn was such an issue in 2006, I doubt you can even purchase the game anymore?

I didn't know about FreeDoom but I've had a look, it looks pretty cool. Really though I just want to play Doom for the nostalgic value... It's a bit wierd when all the models and stuff are different.

Can you play FreeDoom with Doomhq? That might be fun.

leileilol said...

Yes, you can still buy Doom today. Old != abandoned. Old != free. Old = copyrighted.

You can find this in stores for cheap too