Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vigil in Bristol on Friday

As America enters a third day of murder in Somalia, I guess it's time we tried to do something? I just got this email from the stopthewar coalition:
Over the last three days, US planes have been attacking southern Somalia, Despite claims that these attacks have been ‘aimed’ at particular people, many civilians have been killed. The US is taking their ‘war on terror’ into the Horn Of Africa. At the same time George Bush is planning a further escalation of the occupation of Iraq

Bristol Stop The War Coalition are calling a vigil on Friday 12 January to oppose the bombing and to stand in solidarity with the people of Somalia. Join us at 5pm at Clifton Place Gardens, Stapleton Road. Map:

Join us there. Bring friends and banners

Advance Notice – On February 24th CND and Stop The War are holding a
national demonstration in London calling for No Trident Replacement and
Troops Out Of Iraq. There will be coaches from Bristol. Details will be
in our newsletter to be published soon

I'm going to try and go, hope other people think about it too.

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