Tuesday, February 13, 2007

18 Doughty Street

I was about to link to something on 18 Doughty Street with devils kitchen in it, but then I realised it's one of the most unbearable tv channels I've ever witnessed. Iain Dale is excruciatingly awkward, and I've noticed how he always interviews women weirdly (they always have one token female). One time it was "you're looking very glamorous today as always" (bit unprofessional? None of the men get complimented like that. Imagine if he said "You look very handsome today"), and just now he couldn't pronounce a womans name right but didn't care and said "and you're chair something or other of some organisation aren't you?". Great.

I must say I'm rather disappointed that the first online political talk tv channel is run by Tories, but not just that, Tories with no presenting talent.

I'm working on my own videocast, the first episode is footage of my friends trying to play the violin.

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