Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blog Wars

While this whole Blog Wars thing is hilariously controversial and therefore seemingly interesting, it's dissapointing to find that at the bottom of it every argument seems to root itself on something like "you delete comments", "no I don't", "yeah you did", "prove it".

I have read most of the bloggerheads posts, and he points out a lot of very true things, Iain Dale is a bit of a liar (though I honestly expected something better than "He might have called me something, but he said he didn't"), he edited his wikipedia page then said he didn't (who hasn't done that), Guido Fawkes is a fairly dishonest tabloid hack kind of blogger (not that shocking). This seems like an example of when someone is obviously being an idiot, it's best to ignore them and hope everyone else will realise? Obviously point out the faults, but maybe don't make every blog post about it for a month.

I'm not saying Tim Ireland isn't a legend, but having read his blog for years it's a bit dissapointing to see all this bickering going on for so long. Also setting up a parody blog and following every mention of the name Iain Dale with "(liar)" seems to be taking it a little too far?

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Gracchi said...

I think you are exactly right about this. It does strike me in particular that Guido is an idiot- and its pretty obvious that he is. But I'd like to see Tim write about other things- no doubt he is a good blogger I like his stuff on Page Three and its use by the Sun for example, Guido and Dale are small fry won't be around for long and furthermore their sins strike me as minor. Guido is to my mind worse- Guido's just unpleasant, his whole blog is just one long rumour mongering rubbish site. I've never learnt anything from it. I'd like to see Tim Ireland write on civil liberties say and things like that- issues not personalities to quote Tony Benn- it seems like the waste of a good blogger to just make himself the anti-Guido blog.