Monday, February 26, 2007

Cameron gun youth fined for £5 worth of cannabis

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Gun-gesture youth's cannabis fine

This is an absolute disgrace and displays no sense of justice whatsoever. That guy was clearly picked on by the police, who had no intelligence, but just raided him to see what they could charge him for. Unfortunately they only found £5 worth of weed, which no sane person would prosecute for but they did anyway. He was fined a total of £25 plus £55 costs, which must be about 1/100th of the total police cost and time for keeping him in custody and taking him to court. Even the judge said "she had been "concerned" that he had been kept in custody for possession of such a small quantity of cannabis.", adding "That you have been dealt with differently causes me great concern." At least the judge saw sense, and realises that the law has to be based in consistency, not blind whimsical bullying. What about all his mates with a similarly tiny amount of a certain natural plant in their pocket? What about me and all my friends? Come on police! Where is the justice.

Fuck the police.

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