Sunday, February 25, 2007

London Stop The War Demo

So I went on this march yesterday, we got the coach from Bath at 8.30 and it was quite a lot of fun! It wasn't nearly as big as the February 03 one but they reckon there was about 40,000-60,000 people there (that's my aggregate of all the figures I've seen, George Galloway said 100,000 people, the police said 3,000, the Observer said 60,000...

There's hardly any coverage in the "normal" media (obviously) but some good posts from The Void, Lenin's Tomb, and Rachel North. I took lots of photos which I've put up on my Flickr page. It was nice to see that so many other people see common sense, although a lot of people in London were rude; during the short walk from trafalgar square back to our bus we were shouted at or sworn at by two strangers! Goodness, the big city's all too much for me. It was a good day though, the speakers were good, especially Mark Thomas and George Galloway, I missed Brian Haw though and apparently Ken Livingstone was there but I think we were too late for that. I'm still quite tired from all the excitement to be honest, and it's time for bed.

The Police hard at work:

Trafalgar Square:

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