Monday, February 26, 2007

How to get your money back from the banks

BBC NEWS | Business | How to claim back penalty charges

I was incensed last year, when I accidentally went over my overdraft limit and was fined FIFTY POUNDS. Doesn't seem particularly fair, especially when there were two charges, described as something like "fine for overdraft limit exceeded" and "fine for direct debit unpayable" of £20 and £30. Surely they should have paid it and fined me for the overdraft, or not paid it and fined me for the direct debit? Either way it's pretty stupid. Also in my defence it was for a direct debit of £3 to Amnesty International, in a perfect world they'd offer to match my donation (I'm way too utopian)

So I was happy when I saw this on bbc news about how to claim your penalty charges back. I even managed to find my statement from when it happened so all should be well. Everyone start claiming yours back now!

I mean I know we should really be helping the banks out, Barclays only made £7bn last year an increase of just 35%. But I don't think they'll mind.

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