Monday, February 19, 2007

Priest jailed for trying to "Exorcise" woman but actually killing her

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Priest jailed for exorcism death

Shouldn't this guy be given like, psychiatric help? The Yorkshire Ripper heard God telling him to kill people and was obviously insane, so's this guy.

Oh wait:
The Orthodox Church, which described the Tanacu incident as "abominable", has promised reforms, including psychological tests for those seeking to enter monasteries.

Well what's the point in those tests? Are they going to refuse entry to people without a sane grip on reality? People who hear voices and see delusions? No because that would include all Christians. They must have a line somewhere, where you're crazy enough to believe in God, but not quite crazy enough to kill someone because of it. Actually that makes no sense. Oh wait, RELIGION MAKES NO SENSE!

Edit: Why did it say on Radio 4 news earlier "A Romanian priest has been jailed for causing the death of a woman during an exorcism." Not "Romanian jailed for crazed torture attack". As if an exorcism is a perfectly normal thing to be doing?

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