Sunday, March 18, 2007

And The Winner Is...

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Gaffe mars Scooch Eurovision win

Cynooch! I mean Scyndi! No Scooch have won! They really shagged up the announcement of last nights UK Eurovision Qualifier, watch it here.

Terry Wogan's all building it up with "and the winner is.............." and then he announces "Cyndi" while at the exact same time Fearn Cotton says "Scooch!" Wogan's like "what?" and Cotton says "No it's Scooch! The winner is Scooch" haha. Proper amateur tv, I can't believe they managed to mess it up that bad, surely they both have an earpiece, they both have their instructions of who to announce? Disgraceful.

Obviously Scooch are fucking terrible, later on in that video he's saying "We just wanna bring Pop back, there's such a big gap in the market at the moment for Pop music". Er, what? Here's a list of the current Top 10 Artists:

Take That

Gwen Stefani

Kaiser Chiefs

Justin Timberlake

The Fray


Camille Jones



Nelly Furtado

Now I haven't heard of some of those but it's safe to say they all represent the dirty face of middle of the road easy listening bubble gum teenage pop. And don't even pretend the Kaiser Chiefs are anything other than that, pop music with guitars isn't rock, it's just pop with guitars. The highest decent band in the charts are Biffy Clyro at 13, I think they might be the least pop band in the top 20. Anyway my point is, for that guy to say "There's a gap in the market for pop music" clearly indicates he's either deluded or gay. Go here to be recommended some decent music (ignore how many plays Avril Lavigne was sister... yeh).

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