Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Hi I'm calling about the IPSOS/MORI Student Survey?"

"Oh why thankyou. This is only the third time you've rung me up now for some stupid survey I'm not interested in. Please, waste some more of time!"

Earlier this week, while I was trying to have a nice peaceful dinner in front of Hollyoaks, I got a call from these people asking about this survey, I said "no I hadn't done it, I don't want to do it on the phone I'm busy, now good day!" But then two minutes later they rang me again (different person) spouting all the exact same lines, and I was like "dude, I just got rang a minute ago and said leave me alone" and he was like "oh well there's no record of you being called" and I was just like "BYE!" and hung up.

Now picture this, it's Sunday morning, a student is lying in his bed at 10am having some nice well earned rest, when his phone rings. The number began with 020 so I thought it might be important so I pick up.... "Hello I'm calling about the IPSOS...."

"Dude! I've already been rang TWICE and said I don't want to do it"
"Oh, well there's no record of you being called..."
"Well this is the third time"
"...So would you be interested in taking the survey?
"NO! I've got better things to be doing!"

For fucks sake. He had to take my date of birth for some reason to ensure I wouldn't get called again (Like having a record of my name isn't enough?) and I was like does this mean I won't get called again? Your sure? I'm not very optimistic.

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