Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boing Boing: Starbucks: homeless people can't drink coffee in stores

Boing Boing: Starbucks: homeless people can't drink coffee in stores

Starbucks: homeless people can't drink coffee in stores An elderly woman was thrown out of a Glen Ellyn, Il, Starbucks after buying a cup of coffee there. The management apologized. She says they thought she was homeless. Um, so, homeless people don't get to stay in the store and drink the coffee they buy? "People shouldn't be told to leave after buying a cup of coffee," she said. "No one should be humiliated like that..." Instead of sitting alone, she went to sit with a homeless man she knew from the Welcome Center. The man immediately told her he wasn't staying - that he had been told to leave. Kilborn was trying to ask the man why he had to go when a Starbucks employee tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to leave.
Wow, BoingBoing seem pissed off about this. Surely a homeless person who chooses to go into starbucks and spend £5 or whatever on a coffee needs their head examined? This is the most stupid argument ever, "Starbucks should accept homeless people". Surely homeless people, and everyone else, should be rejecting Starbucks, and refusing to go anywhere near that dirty rancid evil place. They buy a bag off coffee beans (from starving women in africa who can't afford food or healthcare or education for their children) for about $0.60, and then use that to sell coffee for a total of $60. Capitalism at its most beautiful.

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Homeless said...

The trash out behind the Starbucks is where most homeless I know go. There they can find dated breads and rolls of good quality. But I agree, why would a homeless want to pay $4-5 for a glorified cup of coffee when they can use the money for other needed things?