Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kids' version of the conversation at the grown-up table

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

MOM: Pass the wine, please. I want to become crazy.


GRANDMOTHER: Did you see the politics? It made me angry.

DAD: Me, too. When it was over, I had sex.

UNCLE: I’m having sex right now.

DAD: We all are.

MOM: Let’s talk about which kid I like the best.

DAD: (laughing) You know, but you won’t tell.

MOM: If they ask me again, I might tell.

FRIEND FROM WORK: Hey, guess what! My voice is pretty loud!

DAD: (laughing) There are actual monsters in the world, but when my kids ask I pretend like there aren’t. MOM: I’m angry! I’m angry all of a sudden!

DAD: I’m angry, too! We’re angry at each other! MOM: Now everything is fine.

Again via Boing Boing, this is a little conversation of what it would be like if adults talked like babies, or something. It's pretty funny anyway, accurately depicts the attitudes of humans, and asks questions about the difference between childhood and adulthood, innocence and guilt etc

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