Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"In France, everyone pretends they don't speak English"

'This is a lovely country' - Israel News, Ynetnews

"I came over yesterday, and I can't get over how relaxed it feels," said Tony from Swindon. "The Israeli people I met were all really friendly and welcoming. This is a lovely, lovely country. It's got great beaches too," he added. "If you go to France, everyone pretends they don't speak in English, but here in Israel, everyone speaks English to you," Tim from Derby said. "I'm astonished by how quickly we go through the airport," he added.

(This is via a Harry's Place post about the England-Israel Football match)

LOL!? Yes, when you go to France, the reason you find communication so hard is because they all pretend to only speak French! I mean it's nothing to do with the fact that their primary language is er...French I think? Is that right?

And it'd be absurd to expect you to learn the language of the place where you are going, the onus is on everyone else to accomodate you isn't it.

The obvious reason is that more people in Israel speak English than in France. Clearly that's just too much for Tim from Derby to think about, he's got more important things on his mind; FOOTBALL!

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