Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Australian held in Guantanamo pleads "Guilty".

Australian's guilty plea at Guantánamo hearing | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

However, the tribunals have been widely condemned for allowing secret evidence obtained by torture.
So you've been held in a secret prison for five years, the last year in isolation, not told what the charges are against you, why you're here, or allowed to see your lawyer or family. Perhaps you'd do anything just to get out? Especially when you know the chances of you being proven innocent and released are about zero.

You're then given a hearing, and shown evidence against you that was obtained through torture (technically this is illegal, but we all know how relevant international law is to the US). The only thing an innocent plea would achieve is much more time spent in solitary confinement while the US authorities torture more people for "evidence" to prosecute you with.

Ponder all these points before you decide what really happened.

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