Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Al Jazeera English - News
An Israeli army spokeswoman in Tel Aviv said Israeli forces carrying out "routine activity" in the West Bank city fired at a group of armed men, hitting two of them.

Analogies are always important. Think about the 15 British Soldiers kidnapped in Iran, it's claimed that they were trespassing in Iranian waters. It is not legal for your soldiers to aggresively enter another country without UN authorisation, so if this claim is true, Iran are within their rights.

This incident involved Israeli soldiers trespassing on Palestinian land. They were spotted by Palestinian soldiers, shot at (which is a perfectly legal defence of your country against foreign occupation), and then shot back killing two Palestinians.

Stuff like this happens everyday but it's always Palestinians who get killed. The Israeli army has been heavily trained and supplied by the US and UK, they use state of the art weapons, even better than Britain has. Palestinian soldiers are just random people who picked up and AK-47. It's obviously not much of a fight.

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Z.R. said...

Who is to say that the Palestinians are right, or that they dont get training. They have links to terrorism, and training from such organizations. No one is in the position to critize either side or the conflict where foreign military intervention is not welcomed. The conflict can only be resolved between the two countries and all we can do for this time is take sides on this issue.

anarki said...

i'm not saying the palestinians are right as such, but the fact is its their land and israel are foreign occupiers. terrorism is just anotehr word for killing people, yes the palestinians and their terrorist groups do it a lot, but the us/israel kill far more innocent people.