Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News You Won't Hear About.

American Army murder nine members of the same family with air-strike on their house. Can't find a mention of this anywhere else, it's on like page 17 of the Guardian. But wait! A BRITISH SOLDIER WAS KILLED!. I'm not saying it isn't terrible that a soldier was killed, but why is one white guy given more importance than four generations of a muslim family, killed by the US. It's their terrorism and our terrorism, except our terrorism isn't "terrorism", you see?

Also there was a story of "Five Britons Kidnapped in Ethiopia", "A search party looking for five Britons kidnapped in northern Ethiopia have found three damaged vehicles." They were talking about it on Channel 4 News yesterday, it was the lead story and they spent at least five minutes on it before dropping in the obviously unimportant fact that it was really "Five Britons, and the 13 Ethiopians that were with them". No further mention of the Ethiopians. Surely the story is "18 People Kidnapped in Ethiopia"? Nope, brown people don't count.

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