Monday, March 05, 2007

Do you like Slayer?

18 Doughty Street is always good for a laugh, so when I saw Andrew Ian Dodge from dodgeblogium was on I couldn't resist. Fortunately I've had their msn for a while and I know Andrew's a metal fan so:

(10:51:17) Andy: can u ask andrew ian dodge if he likes slayer
(10:55:04) 18 Doughty Street Talk TV: why?
(10:55:35) Andy: i want to know if he's a true metal fan! like me
(11:03:51) Andy: YES!
(11:03:53) Andy: METAL OWNS!
(11:04:11) Andy: reign in bloooood

Ian Dale was a bit confused (I can't believe he hasn't heard of Slayer) but the funniest part was he was like "here's a message from "no justice, no peace, troops out of the middle east! stop western imperialism! bush and blair are war criminals!" As that happened to be my msn name at the time.

I watched for a while hoping I could actually make a proper political comment but they were just talking about counties and stuff it wasn't very interesting.

But now I feel bad so what I really mean is I'm really pleased someones using the internet for political debate, I just wish they did it a bit better.

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