Monday, March 05, 2007

Windows fails second virus test

BBC NEWS | Technology | Windows fails second virus test

More good news. It wouldn't matter apart from now that Windows are bundling anti virus within the OS, people will think "oh I don't need to bother downloading a decent AV program, I'll just use the windows one" little knowing that it only catches 82% of viruses.

Pretty much the same as how everyone just uses Internet Explorer, not realising that accessing a page with IE is slightly less safe for your computer than searching for "virus.exe" and double clicking it yourself. It doesn't seem to do anything to stop pop ups, spyware, viruses etc just installing them on your computer without you knowing, and then people are all like "Oh, i got a virus? how did that happen? What's Firefox? What's all this "internet security" you speak of?"

Sort it out.

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Anonymous said...

what do u expect from fuckin microsoft?