Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busharat Ali - Working For Britin

YouTube - Busharat Ali - Working for Bristol

Busharat Ali is a harsh victim of the internet today. He's standing for an election in Bristol for Labour, and he put out a leaflet saying he was at a march against the Iraq war in London. Lib Dem Voice somehow got hold of the original undoctored version, which clearly shows a different guy in Ali's place:

(Pic from Guido Fawkes)

I'm pretty shocked by the stupidity of this, if you've got enough backing and money to be standing as a candidate, surely you should know this will get you busted. It's happened before.

Also Tim Ireland found this campaign video on Youtube which is HILARIOUS. Statements such as "Working for Britin", "We r working for yours bright future". At least learn to spell before you attempt to become a politician? What a retard.

I'm intending to vote in the local elections on May 3rd, but I haven't yet been able to find ANY information about the candidates, even the names of who I can vote for. I'm pretty worried by this considering I'm better at finding things on the internet than most people, and still haven't come across any relevant information. The only thing I did find was a crude hand-drawn map of the districts in Trowbridge that had been scanned in, but it was such poor quality I can't even work out if i'm Trowbridge Central/South/East/Whatever. Oh yeah the other thing I know is that one of the candidates is called Mr Cocking and was caught having sex with a man on a beach about fifteen years ago. If anyone could help inform me further that would be great.

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Anonymous said...

Have you not had any leaflets through your door at all about any of the candidates?

We had like one for conservative(Phil Seager) and two for independent (John Knight and Gerry Burnan)

yeah, that's prolly no help at all, sorry.

anarki said...

Well I did recieve something yesterday from two independents, but it was pretty badly written and their issues weren't very clear apart from they wanted to save a flood plain, but it didnt even really explain about that. said they were launching an election site on monday about all the candidates but I can't find it...

thanks for your comment