Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm sure we're all very pleased at Iran's decision to release our 15 Soldiers. Neither side was ever going to admit they made the mistake, so i'm glad it managed to end peacefully. I don't know why everyone is claiming "diplomacy won" though. I just listened to Jimmy Carter on Today saying how great it was we used to diplomacy, like it's amazing we managed not to invade the whole country and kick off a 3rd middle eastern war. Also the fact is for a number of days we tried to get them released, there was no news, and then suddenly Ahmadinejad decided to release them, it took the UK Govt and the rest of us completely by surprise. How can that mean it was anything they did? On the Today program they're talking about whether it was a diplomatic victory or a humiliation... and I don't think you can say it's anything other than a humiliation. Iran just randomly took some of our soldiers, kept them for as long as they wanted, the UN/rest of the world did nothing and then they just decided to release them because they felt like it. They're obviously just taking the piss, saying to the West "look what we can do, we can capture your soldiers not because we need or want to, just to show you what we can do, and what will you do?"

We're a bit screwed really.

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