Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The US Position On Iraq

I just watched this interview with John Bolton from Newsnight last night (starts about 7 minutes in). Pretty freaky:

Question: But can you explain how this war is now supposed to be winnable when the facts on the ground don't bear this out? Theres even a wall being constructed between sunni and shia in Baghdad, people who used to live together until four years ago.

Bolton: Well they used to live together under a dictatorship so if u think the calm of tyranny is a positive situation I suppose ur entitled to that position.

For the US I think our strategic interest is clear, we dont want Iraq or any part of it to be used as a base for terrorism. I can't tell u whether the Iraqis themselves are ultimately going to be able to live together in a peaceful civil society, or whether the country will fragment or turn into a federation ro something else, and frankly thats not what our interest is and has not been since the fall of saddam hussein.

The strategy that's being pursued now provides the people of Iraq one last opportunity - and it is the last opportunity - to decide if they want one country or not, and that remains to be seen, but in military terms I think we're doing the only thing that makes sense at this point.

This could be the first time I've seen an American politician admitting that they're interest is NOT what happens to the Iraqi people after this invasion, but primarily protecting the American people from terrorism. At least they admit it. Bolton then goes on to talk about how they're fighting for "very noble values". USA think protecting yourself and "fuck what happens to anyone else (including splitting up their country and invoking civil war)" is a noble cause.

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