Saturday, May 05, 2007

Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Hypocrite.

I present to you the esteemed Secretary Of State for the United States Of America. Here are some pictures of her in action enjoying her favourite activities.

Most familiar scene, Drunk:

Second favourite, Lying:

Number three, "holding the head of a former enemy":

Number four, Confusion - "I'm sorry, what?":

And finally, Sulking - "Nobody likes me :(":

Anyway, here are some details of her recent business:

Simon Dodge claims that in 2002 he tried to tell the intelligence department that their intelligence indicating Saddam Hussein was building nuclear weapons was "clearly a forgery" and "probably a hoax". This didn't make much impact as Bush went on to claim that Hussein was doing this in his State Of The Union address in early 2003. The important part of this though is that Simon Dodge has tried to meet with the Committee that's investigating "into why President Bush and other senior Administration officials, including Condoleezza Rice, cited forged evidence in building a case for war against lraq", but hasn't been allowed by Rice, or someone from her staff. What could the reason possibly be?

It would be a matter of great concern - as well as an obvious conflict of interest - if you had directed your staff to impede a congressional investigation into matter that may implicate your conduct as National Security Advisor.

The second one's a much simpler example of plain hypocrisy. Rice was being interviewed on CNN after getting back from talks in Syria. I'm sure Rice would describe this trip as "constructive, in the best interests of America, I love the United States" etc etc. However when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went last month she was accused by the Bush administration of "Rewarding bad behaviour". What's changed in a month? Rice's response: "Well it's one thing to do that...but when I's different. I'M BETTER OK! SHUT UP!"

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