Saturday, May 05, 2007

Reality Check: Laws Apply To You Too!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Paris Hilton gets 45 days in jail

Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton has been jailed for 45 days after being found guilty of violating her probation for a drink-driving conviction.

A Los Angeles judge ruled she must start her sentence on 5 June and has no prospect of an early release.

Ms Hilton told the judge she was very sorry and that she would "pay complete attention to everything" from now on.

This straight away reminds me of the beginning of Clueless, Alicia Silverstone crashes her car into a signpost and exclaims "But that signpost came out of nowhere daddy!" Alas Paris Hilton is not in a film, but real life. Her statement to the court is pretty hilarious aswell:
"I'm very sorry and from now on I'm going to pay complete attention to everything. I'm sorry and I did not do it on purpose at all".

Sounds an awful lot like someone who's got away with anything their whole life just by uttering the words "sorry". Unfortunately your fame gets you nowhere in the eyes of the law! Ha!

Also, doesn't "from now on i'm going to pay complete attention to everything" suggest that until now she hasn't been paying any attention to anything?

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