Saturday, May 19, 2007

IDF Airstrikes On Gaza To Continue

Peretz orders IDF to keep up strikes | Jerusalem Post

Israel is not "conducting a dialogue" with Hamas, he said, and added that IDF operations were not necessarily dependent on the continuation of rocket attacks.

"We're not just attacking real estate. We want to make Hamas pay for the terror," he said.
Who's going to make Israel pay for their terror?

He added that the crossings into Gaza, both Karni and Erez, were open on the Israeli side, but due to clashes between Fatah and Hamas, the Palestinians were unable to utilize them.
Yes, so due to near-civil war within Gaza, we're going to close all the borders and not let any of them out or in. No escape for the innocent, mwahaha!

I just came across this while looking for something to illustrate the story with, gross:

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