Sunday, May 20, 2007

Israel: Defence Or Aggression?

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israeli jets strike Hamas in Gaza

Israel's Defence Minister Amir Peretz has said attacks on the Hamas movement in Gaza will continue until rocket attacks on Israel stop.


A "high ranking IDF officer":

He also hinted that the IDF operations could continue even if Hamas stopped firing rockets.

Israel is not "conducting a dialogue" with Hamas, he said, and added that IDF operations were not necessarily dependent on the continuation of rocket attacks.

"We're not just attacking real estate. We want to make Hamas pay for the terror," he said.
The BBC are perpetuating the myth that Israel are simply defending themselves when they know, and everyone else knows, that their consistent aim is to punish the Palestinians and take as much of their land as possible, whilst it seems holding complete disregard for civilian casualties.

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