Sunday, May 20, 2007

This Is England

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Went to see Shane Meadows’s much-hyped-by-the-critics This is England last night. What a piss-poor film it is. Poorly acted, poorly scripted, and hardly redeemed by some really clunking cinematography.
People have been trying to persuade me to see this film but I had a feeling that, despite Shane Meadow's previous masterpiece Dead Man's Shoes which I loved, this film would be far from inspiring. Thanks to Chris Bertram, I now definitely won't bother watching it.

Me and Deary watched The Lion King last night, now that's an amazing film. I have some kind of "special extended edition" which is cool because a lot of the video is like "digitally enhanced", the colours are a lot more vibrant etc, but they've added the occasional song in where you wouldn't expect there to be one, which kind of ruined the "flow" of the film if you get what I mean. Like from watching it as a kid, you have it embeded in your head how the storyline goes (well...I do anyway) and so when it's suddenly different it's a bit of a shock. Anyway they haven't changed it too much from the original to really annoy anyone but die hard fans, I'd recommend giving it a viewing! There's a good little article here about the differences between the original cut and the new one.

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