Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Kerrang! Download in danger

Thinking of hurling bottles at bands like My Chemical Romance at this year's Download festival? Think again, as those fleeting moments of twattery could make the festival less appealing to headlining bands and jeopardise next year's festival. The news emerged at a Download Festival fan forum on April 27, where a hand-picked selection of fans met with the organisers Live Nation in London and discussed every aspect of the three-day event. "If Download didn't book acts of the pulling power of My Chemical Romance, it would die," says Live Nation director Stuart Galbraith. "The bigger bands support the smaller ones."
I don't know what I was doing on the Kerrang site but I was and came across this piece of "news" on the front page. Well, I say "news" but it's really not. It starts off as if it's a shocking revelation, "think again!". I was reading through for the point of the story but couldn't actually find one, so I guess the only point is that if you throw bottles at a band they might not want to come back and play for you. This is sort of like saying if you set fire to something it will be on fire. On second thoughts, maybe Kerrang readers do need this pointed out to them.

Anyway the comments thread is pretty hilarious, there's about a thousand varying between "mcr suck" and "mcr rock". (That's My Chemical Romance for the uninitiated).

fuck u if u think mcr are shit then ya need ya head sortin out the only reason ur sayin that there crap is because there nely 1 of the biggest band around and the bands u like are shit n rnt even that good so fuck u n get ya ed sorted out cause there not shit nd i no loads of ppl in there 30s that like mcr so stop thinkin u no everything !!!
Haha, I think everyone that posts on there is 13.

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