Thursday, May 24, 2007

Police Close Art Exhibition

UK Indymedia - massive police operation to stop art exhibition

Saturday 19th May 9pm

Has London gone anti-arts and culture? The Metropolitan Police have today launched a major operation, which includes the cordoning of two public roads and involving the use of a considerable number of police officers and vehicles. Resulting in a stand off lasting over 12 hours so far, (at 8pm), the police operation has managed to prevent anyone entering on the last day of a highly successful and inspirational art exhibition. Yes, read that again … an Art Exhibition …

Launched on Wednesday the Temporary Autonomous Art exhibition has attracted a large number of talented artists from all over Britain and Europe to produce one of the most exciting and innovative exhibitions that London has seen, achieving almost unanimous acclaim from everyone who has visited. Running for four days from midday to midnight one would have thought that such a quality multicultural event would be celebrated by the authorities, but no, they insist that the place is going to turn in to some kind of rave and used it as an excuse to prevent the lawful access to local public highways and the building itself. The building is full of high quality art, produced by dedicated artists and the very concept of a rave is enough to horrify anyone involved. The very thought of hundreds of works of art trashed in an illegal rave in incomprehensible, so the question must arise as to why?

Has the Met lost it’s senses? On a Saturday night when the understaffed, overstretched police force is having it’s busiest night of the week they are sent out in force to prevent an art exhibition! Temporary Autonomous Art is (was) being held at 15-25 New North Road, London (Nr Old St) and is apparently the most dangerous event in town.
Probably Terrorists. (via The Void)

On a related note, I had some insane dreams last night. There was a new law where if you recieved two "Majors" you were put in prison, or two "Minors" made a Major if you get what I mean. So like I was going to university or something but I forgot all my work, and for some reason that earnt me a Major. So I was a bit scared about that, but then I was walking home and a Police woman stopped me and tried to arrest me for walking. So I laughed and then she was like "Right that's it, that's a minor", and I was like what? What did I do? And she said it was because I laughed. So now I was like oh my god, if I get one more Minor I'll be in prison for the rest of my life and I was really scared.

That's about it.

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