Tuesday, May 22, 2007

US Doctor Found Guilty Of Doing Their Job

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US 'al-Qaeda' doctor found guilty

He said he only agreed to help treat injured al-Qaeda fighters because of his medical obligation to treat everyone.
Er, THIS IS BAD. It sounds like he got conned pretty well, they probably said something like "if you had an injured terrorist in front of you, would you treat them?" And the fact is that doctors do have a medical and legal oblication to treat someone, and can't refuse to do it for any reason. So he would have said yes, and they respond "TERRORIST! TERRORIST!" and he's put in prison, and the FBI have made America safer.

Sabir's best friend, jazz musician and martial arts expert, Tariq Shah, who made the same pledges, pleaded guilty ahead of the trial to providing material support to a terrorist organisation.
The whole word "terrorist" is just becoming a great way to gloss over the facts. Yes terrorists kill innocent people, but so do the US and their proxy-states Israel and the UK, every day in Palestine and Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan. All of us are guilty of funding terrorism through tax money, but it's not us who should be to blame, it's the governments and the leaders.

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