Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wi-Fi Security

VBC NEWS | Technology | How to keep your wi-fi network safe

It always appals me when I go to someones house and their wireless network is wide open. It's like hello? You might aswell just leave the door open on your house all the time aswell.

Anyway there's a very good article on the bbc which explains why you need to turn on encryption, and if you're still using WEP change it to WPA or even better, WPA2. People might be thinking "Oh when is a hacker going to drive along my road and sit there looking for wireless networks", but Windows oftens just decides to randomly connect to any network it can see, and if there's one open next door it might just connect to that. The consequences of this are that you lose bandwidth, and they might be looking at child porn or something which is through your IP address and would result in you facing prosecution.

Be careful!

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