Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Kind Of Terror Attack

LENIN'S TOMB: Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square...
Apparently, we are insufficiently terrified.

What on earth is going on? Why is everyone on the news talking such utter fucking rubbish?
I was going to post about this earlier but wasn't sure whether I should make a political point out of a possibly horrendous incident, but Lenin's gone first so what the hey.

They have indeed been talking complete rubbish on the news! I heard that guy saying "I call it Terror Fatigue" (he sounded very pleased with this little phrase he's cooked up), they say we should be "vigilant" but what does that even really mean in practical terms? What they really want is for us to be scared, and vote for them. I've become so cynical these days that it really wouldn't surprise me if the government set this whole thing up, if for nothing else then at least to give Brown and his new cabinet a purpose, and a way to "prove themselves". (Watch how his approval ratings soar in the coming days, a la Bush after 9/11).

As Lenin points out it was an incredibly shambolic operation, if the eye witness reports are to be believed. The guy crashed his car and then ran away leaving the gas cylinders clearly visible, hardly the work of a highly trained and skilled al-qaeda operative? Sounds like just some loony who fancied blowing something up to me.

"Keep everyone afraid, and they'll consume"

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